• Image of H e r f s † - Necrotica

Available as a lush 6 panel digipak (+8 pg. booklet)


"A band that is sonically influenced by Dimmu Borgir, Kalmah and Carcass..."

"The idea of Lovecraftian metal conjures up thoughts of the mysteriously macabre and for the music to work it really has to project that vibe and atmosphere which was done brilliantly with Septic Flesh's album Communion"

"Herfst have created a well-crafted debut that is a MUST for fans of atmospheric death metal. Playful, warm and at times diabolic solos, epic drums, sheer vocal melancholy and you've got yourself an eerie opus that our small country won't easily forget"

8 songs. 47 minutes. Fenomenal sound (Split Second Sound studios) and stylish, dark artwork in a foxy digipak. Giving decadence a new meaning.

release date: 31.01.2010

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