• Image of The Deathcul† pt. I - An oath in Darkness

Our latest work. Available as a luxury digipack design, this E.P. offers you 30 minutes of dark & adventurous melodic death/black metal, spiced up with a variety of other metal genres.

Some ratings:
100/100 Loucifer Speaks (UK)
97/100 FYU (BEL)
90/100 Metal Mundus (PL)

The direction we followed when releasing 'Necrotica' has been maintained and got enriched with more prominent clean vocals and intricate orchestral layers. Recordings were in the very able hands of Sven 'Svenchi' Janssens at Red Left Hand studios, and afterwards the songs went off to Sweden, where none less than mr. Dan Swanö did the mix- and mastering. You can listen to a small preview here: Deathcult teaser-video.


1. prolgue - An oath in Darkness
2. Tonight it Descends
3. The Thing in the Mirror
4. Eyeless, Soulless
5. Code Noir

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